Wireless Gaming Keyboard and Mouse set Rechargeable Backlit



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LANGTU LT600 2.4G Wireless Rechargeable LED Backlit Multimedia 

Ergonomic Usb Gaming Keyboard Metal Waterproof + 1600DPI Optical 

Gaming Mouse Sets For PC Laptop / Computer

Color/Model Available: (104 Keys)

1.Black / Green LED Backlit  ,
2.White / Sky Blue LED Backlit ,

Please leave notes in PayPal(Or Message) when making the payment about for COLOR.


- It is exclusive cooling Wired gaming keyboard to offer the most comfortable gaming environment.
- High quality and Brand new. 
- Subtle ergonomic design, the most subtle touch.
- Anti-skid, with stable stand design, you can adjust the keyboard height.
- He keycap using laser engraving technology, durable wear does not fade.
- With Ultra-Wearable Laser Blue Chacacter, even at night to experience the game is quite suitable.
- More large drainage holes to be designed on the back, it is full waterproof design.
- Unique S-Shaped ergonomic design, can effectively reduce fatigue and increase comfort.
- Main features: Two-color injection keycap, knife scratch does not fade
- Metal panel, beautiful anti-corrosion
- Game chip, cool shiny

Mouse rated working current ≤10MA Keyboard rated working current ≤ 40MA Resolution: 800-1200-1600 Carrier frequency: 2402-2408MAZ Maximum acceleration: 14 inches / sec Operating System: Windows & MAC OS Voltage: 5V USB interface: 1.1/2.0

Instructions: Step 1: Insert the receiver at the bottom of the mouse into the computer USB port Step 2: After waiting for 5 seconds, after the computer fully recognizes the receiver, press any key of the keyboard and any mouse button. When the mouse pointer appears on the computer screen, you can use it.

About charging: 1. Fully charged about 2-3 hours 2. When the mouse is charging, the indicator light between the gaps of the roller is on, and the full indicator light is off. 3. When the keyboard is charging, the charging indicator is always on, full off

Multimedia Key Description: FN+F1=music

FN+F2=Volume- FN+F3=Volume+

FN+F4=Mute FN+F5=Previous

FN+F6=Next FN+F7=Play/Stop

FN+F8=CD Stop FN+F9=Web page

FN+F10=Mailbox FN+F11=Computer

FN+F12=Favorites FN+scrolk=Turn on/off backlight

FN+pgup=Increase brightness FN+pgdn=Reduce brightness

Tips: 1.The mouse does not use the automatic enter sleep mode for 8 minutes, the keyboard does not use to enter the sleep mode for 5 minutes, the backlight will be turned off, press any key to wake up 2.The wireless mouse is silent and silent, using infrared LEDs, so the naked eye can't see the light. 3.Wireless working distance: 10 meters

Precautions: Use such wireless devices as far away as possible from strong sources of interference. Such as: household microwave ovens.

Note: The keyboard and mouse share a USB receiver

Keyboard Features:

• Brand: LANGTU

• Green / Blue Light Backlight Adjustment.

• 3 shift brightness adjustment.

• 10 minutes smart sleep.

• 29 keys conflict-free.

• Key trigger key way: 3.6mm

• Metal Stainless steel chassis design, net weight 850g.

• High mechanical feel backlit gaming keyboard

• FN + Scrlk: Orange/Yellow Backlit Light Switch / OFF

• FN + PgUp/PgDn Lights Intensity Switch (High / Medium / Weak)

• Certification CE, FCC, BSMI

• Keycap Technology: ABS + PC Material Button / Keycap Ray Carving 

• Normal Keys: 104

• Interface Type: Usb

• Ergonomics: Support

• Dimension: 445(L) x 165(W) x 35(H)mm

• Metal panel, the real waterproof design, luminous effect, 29 keys conflict-free, suspended two-color injection keycap

Mouse Specifications:

- Customize DPI Switch: 800/1200/1600DPI.

- Size: 120 x 75 x 45 mm

- Switch Life: 20 million cycle

- 32-bit ultra-wide data path

- True Avago A3050 Pro-Gamer Sensor

- 3000FPS frames per seco

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