Vintage playing cards 1930's Givenchy collectible set 1970's



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Clearing some of my parents items

this lot includes 

A Patience 2 card set the lid of the box is damaged and 1 card has a big crease on it the rest seem okay see pic the cards are 4.5x3.2 cm this I understand is from the 1930's


with this a Canasta set with original Crown playing cards in Leather case and original score sheets 3 books from the 1930's 40's? the second set of cards in the pack my father wrote his name on the outside of the pack see pic

From 1970's and are a Givenchy set (2 sets of cards) the box is damaged these cards are selling from £25-£75 even on this site!


I have added to the lot a checkpoint family card games book instructions and a modern day set of cards 16x4cm, also a set of Cards from Wales and a set from Bet Fair we will separate but minimum spend is £25 plus P&P

Greyhound Dominoes in excellent condition box all complete the only down side is The name Davies written on cover of lid see pic hence price!


Inlaid Wood Cribbage Board with 5 pegs (one missing) 


Another set of Dominoes in wooden box again with Davies written on front


Pocket  Magnetic Chess Set all pieces there foldable in box plastic pieces few scratches to case box sellotaped 


a double set of cards looks like a 1950's  Canasta set with pencil and score sheets

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