USED 7x Ice Cream Sundae Glass Footed Dessert Trifle Cocktai



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USED 7x Ice Cream Sundae Glass Footed Dessert Trifle Cocktail Fruit 


No matter if you want to serve nibbles, starters or desserts; this glass bowls are made to be versatile. Everyday or on special occasions, with these practical glasses give everyone individual portions of the tasty food you have made. Make sure every dish is as perfect as possible. 

Uniquely styled diamond design glass dessert bowls ideal for presenting a range of desserts. The irregular diamond design will give an modern style to your setting but will also keep the excitement up and not give away what you are serving. It will add a an exciting touch to the food being served. Ideal for parties, dinners, events & festive occasions.

Along with being a practical tool for serving small quantites of tasty food; these bowls also provide easy stackable storage to ensure your cupboards remain neat and tidy. Now to much space won't be taken for storage and minimal storage space can be used wisely.


10.5cm height 

11.5cm width from top

7cm width from bottom

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