Unusual Schneider COMPONAR 60mm f/4 ENLARGING LENS (1965) 25



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Unusual Schneider COMPONAR 60mm f/4 ENLARGING LENS (1965) 25mm thread

s/n - 9090317 - dates to 1965

Cosmetically good.

Mechanically perfect.

Glass looks broadly clean and clear, but on close examination shows some internal haze and some external & internal small spots. There is some light coating damage and/or start of fungus.

15 blade aperture.
Schneider 25mm Mount at rear.
Comes with previous lens 'hood' / control ring that was attached via grub screws to the aperture ring.

This would have been designed for 35mm enlargement and/or 127 film (format 38x38mm).
Longer than 50mm focal length lenses offer a greater opportunity to control sharpness through field plane flatness as the curvature of the image plane is flatter through being further away, hence the legendary reputation of the 63mm Nikkor for top quality images.


Cosmetic - 9
Mechanical - 10
Optical - 8
Electronics -

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