Truvox VTV Commercial Bagged Vacuum Cleaner Hoover C/W 10 Ba



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This is the sale of a refurbished Truvox VTV vacuum cleaner this machine is in a used condition it has some scuffs and scratches to be expected of a used vacuum cleaner if your expecting a brand new machine in perfect condition you should stop reading and buy a new one. the main benefits of buying a refurbished machine is the cost savings over a new machine if also factor in that its better for the envirionment as well.

please note this a sale for a base only no tools 

If you dont mind the few marks and scratches this machine has been fully stripped down thoughly washed and serviced it comes with 10 Brand new bags Please note that all machines are pat tested before leaving so they are ready to work.

Truvox VTV vacuum cleaners are a great alternative to a numatic henry they use the same tools so you dont have to replace your entire arsenal of tools 

This is a reliable machine for all jobs round the house and workplace 

postage uk mainland only. Also i will need a contact number for the courier 

please note colours and branding may vary pictures used for reference purposes only.

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