Star Wars Action Fleet job lot bundle Naboo Faamba MTTs star



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Action Fleet job lot bundle from TPM Naboo battle including a Faamba, two MTTs, two Naboo star fighters & Trade Federation AAT Droid Tank. The Faamba looks to be pretty rare. The Droid Tank I can't see an exact match for on either (the closest being the Micro Machine versions which don't have a missile like this one does). The lot comes with just the one cross hair missile which fits both the Faamba and Droid Tank although it definitely isn't the missile which came with the Faamba I can't find a firing mechanism on either of them. The Faamba doesn't come with any of the remote control equipment that originally shipped with it but its still a nice display item. please note that all items are of the Action Fleet scale and not the 3.75 inch scale. Dispatched with Royal Mail 2nd Class.

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