SSL 8 Way Summing Module plus Master section Plus MYNX



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The SSL SuperAnalogue™ sound in a mini desktop box

Mynx is a simple, elegant and cost effective way to get the depth, clarity and characteristic sound of SSL into your recordings. Mynx is a cool desktop mini X-Rack that allows you to load your choice from the X-Rack module range into a simple two module slot desktop box.

Using identical circuit design and manufacturing to our Duality and AWS consoles, X-Rack is a modular system that delivers the legendary SSL SuperAnalogue™ sound in a uniquely versatile form. There are twelve different modules in the range designed to complement your DAW and improve the results you get from the recording process. Mynx enables you to combine different modules to create a range of recording and mixing tools; Combine the ‘SuperAnalogueTM Mic Pre’ & ‘Dynamics’ modules for a pristine front end recording system for vocals. Slot in the SuperAnalogueTM or E-Series ‘EQ’ & ‘Dynamics’ modules for versatile and characteristic SSL channel strip processing. Add the ‘VHD Input’ module to inject analogue warmth or grit. Fit the Stereo Bus Compressor module for legendary ‘audio glue’ full mix compression. 

Master Module 

in conjunction with the XR623 X-Rack Line Return module, the XR622 X-Rack Master module provides a complete small scale mix and monitor system for studios seeking a compact solution for mixing and monitoring in the analogue domain. A single X-Rack can provide up to 28 line level inputs. Additional racks can be connected via the ‘MIX BUS LINK’ connector on the rear of the X-Rack unit, allowing additional inputs to be added to the system if required.

The Monitor Section enables the Mix and Record busses or a stereo external input to be monitored, the source to monitor being set by either the ‘MIX’, ‘REC’ or ‘EXT’ switches either separately or together, allowing great flexibility in recording and monitoring signals. The ‘EXT’ input would normally be playback from the main recorder or DAW. The selected monitor signals can be routed back to the Mix output using the MON switch in the Mix Section, allowing composite mixes to be easily recorded back to the master recorder or DAW ADC.   

If one of the ‘SOLO’ switches on any other X-Rack modules is active, the ‘SOLO’ LED will illuminate and the AFL bus will be switched to the monitor output in place of the selected signal. The level of the AFL signal can be adjusted with the ‘AFL’ control.

The overall monitor level is set by the ‘LEVEL’ control and the ‘MONO’ switch allows quick mono compatibility checking. The ‘DIM’ and ‘CUT’ switches provide either partial (between –3 and –30dB) or full attenuation of the monitored signal as required.

Metering of the selected source (or sources) is provided by the stereo bargraph meter 3 which measures the signal level immediately prior to the ‘LEVEL’ control.

Two sets of stereo loudspeaker outputs plus a headphone amplifier are provided. The headphone socket is driven by a fixed gain amplifier immediately post the ‘LEVEL’ control and is un-affected by the loudspeaker ‘ALT’ switch.

The Eight Input Summing module was developed in response to requests from X-Rack users for a line input module designed to accommodate larger quantities of stereo line level inputs from studio sources such as multichannel audio interfaces, sub mixers and synthesizers. The module is designed for use with the X-Rack XR622 Master module and is equipped with eight line level inputs configured as four stereo pairs, each pair featuring on/off and mono/stereo switching, routing onto the internal Mix bus. In addition to this, there are stereo inserts available on the first two input pairs. The X-Rack Master module provides the monitoring facilities that would be expected; mix amps, monitor outputs and a headphone feed – please refer to the X-Rack Master module documentation for a full description.

G.2 Connection

The rear panel of the module carri

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