Ref#6 Formula sound FSM600 mixer. In good condition. Recentl



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Red Marsh Industrial Estate

The FSM-600 mixer is a 6-channel installation mixer in standard 19-inch rack size colour red.

Recently serviced.

Whats a service? Well this varies between mixers and indeed sellers.

For some sellers its a dust off.... For some a squirt of switch lube.

We completely strip the mixer. Replace any pots faders switches or knobs panels. Resolder any dry joints strip clean lube or replace pots and power supply capacitors.

We cant replace every single part but we try strike a happy balance between parts and profit.

In total there are 10 stereo (4 selectable to RIAA) and 2 microphone inputs. Cross fade assignable on channels 2, 3 4 5 and 6 Outputs included are Main, Zone, Booth (all stereo/mono) also record, trigger and sub bass.Music mute facility for fire alarm interface.Headphone output available on both front and back panels.

Figures:Distortion <0.02% typically <0.005%Max Output level +20db EQ +6db –20db.


6x new alps rs60n faders.

Later version of fsm600.

Gain adjustable on both a and b line riaa inputs.


We have been selling on since 2005 and have many happy customers. We have years of experience installing servicing repairing and refurbishing sound and lighting equipment. We specialise in HH, Crown, Amcron Amplifiers and Classic formula sound mixers. 


Used recently serviced. See description.


All items we supply are engineering spare parts and are supplied to you ONLY on the basis that you have the knowledge and means to fit them without harming yourself or others, or damaging the goods. Failure to do this could result in injury and death. We will not be held responsible for buyers knowledge or lack of it. Service parts, transistors and circuit boards are not covered by warranty because they form part of a larger circuit that could have underlying damage and several other faults.


To ensure a happy transaction we only ship via signed for postal service. This maybe more expensive than other sellers but it's less hassle for both buyers and sellers. We are happy to combine shipping costs on multiple purchases. Please request total / invoice BEFORE you pay. 

Ignore all automated payment requests until we send you an invoice showing combined items / shipping. Sorry we are unable to combine shipping costs after you have paid.


We are bound by and paypal only to ship to the address provided by you in your payment details when you make your purchase. We only ship by well known and trusted courier companies. We must have your signature on receipt of goods. Please do not email us after your purchase and ask us to ship to a different address. We are bound by and paypal rules only to ship to the address you provide at time of purchase. This is to combat fraud and deception.

Thank you

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