Red Sea Reefer 250 Reef 90 Led Full Setup Complete Aquarium



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Red sea Reefer 250 with 2 x red sea reef 90 led lights and flip top brackets

Ai nero 5 Wavemaker

Jecod 6000 dc pump

Titanium Heater with ink bird controller

Wifi doser with full red sea bottles

20l ato with Tunze controller

Jump guard

Tunze refugium light

Bubble magus curve 5

Filter cup and floss upgrade

4 stage ro system with tds meter

Tunze flipper

All stock over 2 years in tank

2 clowns with hosting rbta - stunning

Royal gramma

Banana wrasse

2 purple fire fish

Tangerine goby and pistol shrimp pair

2 x blood shrimp

Hermits and turbo snails

4 year old aquaroche covered in all manner of corals, mixed zoas, scoly, toadstools, ricordias, purple xenia, kenyan trees, euphylia and more

I also have reef roids, £100 of seachem dosing products, rowaphos, carbon granuals, jbl pro test kit, emergency rechargeable air pump, frozen foods, additives. 10kg red sea coral pro, mixing pump, 2 x eheim mixing heaters. 2 x 25l buckets, 2 25l drums, 2 x 10l drums etc etc etc

Based in Lancaster

I love this setup but don’t have the time it deserves and hard to travel whilst relying on others to maintain.

Happy to advise and help strip down for new buyer and will provide additional 80l bin that holds the coral perfect for transportation.

This is a fantastic condition tank with no issues. NEVER had aipstasia or ich, only ever used purchased the highest quality and food that could be purchased for the tank.

Will not split at this point, much prefer it to go as a whole. Currently running to reef spec conditions and goes through 20l ro every 6-7 days even when its really warm outside.

Any questions, please ask!

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