Pixel TC-252/DC0 Timer Remote Control For Nikon - Time Lapse



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Product detail:

The Pixel TC-252/DC0 Timer Remote Control is suitable for various Nikon cameras and gives you the ability to control your camera from a distance. The TC-252/DC0 allows you to take singular photos, multiple photos and photos with a customized shutter speed. 

If you are able to adjust the exposure time on your camera, the TC-252/DC0 allows you to manually set the exposure time up to 99 hours, 59 minutes and 59 seconds. Delay shooting is also possible with the TC-252/DC0. In the delay-shooting mode, you are able to select the number of photos you wish to take (1-99) after setting a delay of up to 59 seconds. Once the timer has counted down, the camera will begin taking the selected number of photos with an interval of 1 second. 

Further, it is possible to set up a timing plan whereby a delay, exposure time and the interval between photos, all of up to 99 hours, 59 minutes and 59 seconds, can be set. Within this time plan, the number of photos you wish to take can be set from either 1-99 photos or an unlimited amount which, triggers the camera to continuously take photos until you press stop. The 2 AAA batteries have a standby time of up to 3 years. 

The DC0 cable is suitable for the following Nikon cameras: Nikon: D800series, D700, D300series, D2series, D1series, D200, D4, N90S, F5, F6, F100, F90, F90X, D3S, D810. Fujifilm: S5 Pro, S3 Pro Kodak: DCS-14n The TC-252/DC0 can be used with various other cameras through the use of a connection cable. 

- Compatible with Nikon D200, D300, D300s,D700, D800, D800E, D1, D1H ,D1X, D2, D3, D2H, D2X, Kodak DSC-14N, Fuji S5 Pro and cameras with 10-pin socket
- Supports timer controlled shooting mode as well as single, continuos, bulb and delayed shooting modes.
- Program up to 99 timer controlled pictures
- Interchangeable cable design to allow you to use it on different brand cameras
- Reduce camera shake

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