Petoneer FDW010 Wifi Automatic Nutri Smart Pet Feeder



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Petoneer FDW010 Wifi Automatic Nutri Smart Pet Feeder

This is a boxed and unused*, Petoneer FDW010 Wifi Automatic Nutri Smart Pet Feeder

This is a fantastic top-rated item but sadly we discovered it only supports 2.4GHz Wifi which proved awkward for certain reasons, but hopefully perfect for someone else.  

We did a basic check of functionality using someone elses wifi and everything seems to work as it should.

It comes complete with a very basic instruction guide but there seems to be quite helpful advise online if you get stuck on anything. (I also find reviews often the best user guide). 

So apart from the bag that contains the plug and connectors being opened, this is in as new pristine condition and a great bargain for someone. 

·    Smart Feeding:With the cloud-enabled App, timer and portion programming are set to help pets develop healthy eating habits to prevent overeating or a missed feeding.

Peace of Mind: Stay Connected
A real-time message will be pushed to you whenever your pets get fed a feeding. You can feed a particular feeding whenever you feel it is necessary out of the feeding routine.

Finally You Get Voice Control over your pet feeder through
From now on, you can feed your beloved ones by saying:"Alexa, ask Petoneer to feed my puppy 1 portion of food on Nutri." Life should be easy! Your furry family deserves it too.

In the know about Food balance and Shortage
The built-in two sets of smart sensors get you alerted on the food balance or shortage. The App and the LED alert pets mother refill or if food is fed intuitively.

One Click Feeding
Even without a phone, manual feeding is just a click away. The physical feeding button can be disabled through the App to avoid wrong trigger by pets.

 Cleaning is a Breeze: Fine finishing and polishing on the inner surface will not leave a piece in the bucket. The wave-breaking design of bucket separated from body make the cleaning job a breeze.

  P  Product Info:
Description: Petoneer Smart Pet Feeder
Model: FDW010
Material: ABS
Size: 230x246x352
Weight:4.41 lbs (2KG)
Storage: 3.7 L
Minimum feeding portion: approximately 0.35 oz(10g)
Power Input: DC 5V 1A
Interface: Micro USB
Power Bank Output: USB
Rated Power: <2W
Rated Current: <300mA
Communication: Wi-Fi
Range: 98 Feet (30 Meters)
Operating temperature: 32 degree F-104 degree F(0 degree C-40 degree C)
Relative humidity: 10%-90% non-condensing
Storage temperature: 14 degree F-158 degree F(.10 degree C-70 degree C)
Storage humidity: 5%-75% non-condensing

Contents included:
1 x Feeder; 1 x Bowl; 1 x 5V 1A Power Supply; 1 x Micro USB Cable in 3.9 Feet (1.2M)


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