Pentium III P3 Slot 1 Retro Gaming GeForce 4 Windows 98 DOS



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Intel Pentium III Retro Gaming PC running Windows 98, with DOS games installed.

Features USB and Windows 98 patches have been applied so FAT32 USB Flash drives can be plugged in without worrying about driver issues. 


Intel Pentium III (P3) MMX Processor

256Mb RAM

Hard disk

NVIDIA Geforce4 MX Graphics AGP with 64MB and VGA output

Optical Drive

Floppy disk drive

Sound blaster compatible sound with DOS compatibility

Windows 98 installed with patches for USB Flash drive support.

Connectivity on rear

2 USB ports, 1x Parallel and 2x serial ports, PS2 Keyboard and mouse port.

Desktop case  - Some age some small marks as shown in pictures.

Has Several PCi slots as you would expect from this era

Windows 98 SE reinstalled.

USB patch and updates installed so can plug in a FAT32 formatted USB flash drive to move files easily.

DOS and Windows games installed including

Duke Nukem 3D

Doom II

Wolfenstein 3D

Return to Castle Wolfenstein

Half Life

Quake 2

Quake III

Grand Theft Auto and more..

Requires PS2 keyboard, mouse and monitor and power cable.

Please note this is retro hardware and as such no warranty or returns are accepted. However for peace of mind a video and images of the computer can be provided prior to shipping.

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