Parkside Performance 20V MAX Lithium Ion 2.5Ah Battery (PAPP



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BATTERY 2.5AH /// PAPP 20 A1

Powerful lithium-ion battery with high-quality

Used Batteries in good condition.


- Samsung battery cells

- Integrated 3-stage charge level display

- Type: Lithium-Ion

- Rated voltage: 20V

- Capacity: 2,5Ah

Battery compatible with all tools in the older PARKSIDE Performance Series

Cordless Drilldriver 20V PABSP 20-Li A1

Cordless Sabre Saw 20V PSSAP 20-Li A1

Cordless Angle Grinder 20V PWSAP 20-Li A1

Cordless Circular Saw 20V PHKSAP 20-Li A1

Cordless Multifunction Tool 20V PAMFWP 20-Li A1

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