Panasonic retro music system SG-J555L boombox with record pl



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I've had this portable Panasonic record player music system since new. It's been overseas with me on my travels in my motorhome, next to my bed playing me to sleep, taken around to friends houses, used for bbqs & parties and it's still going strong.

It's the ultimate portable record player built in the days of ghetto blasters and the like but this one incorporated a fully automated turntable.

The press button selection for tape/phono/and 3 band radio is glitchy especially the tape button and really needs some contact spray and use. Once you've got the button settled it generally stays fine but can still cause interference. It's become like this due to low use over the last 10 years. It's the same with guitar potentiometers etc lack of use causes buzzing etc and cleaning with contact spray and use normally sorts it out.

Again I reiterate once you've got it settled then its OK 90 percent of the time but may need a wiggle every now and again.

The tape is perfect in all functions. As is the record players and radio.

The sound is very good for its size.

Runs on batteries and mains and can run also on direct DC although I don't have that lead anymore any typical universal lead will suffice if you wish to run from a leisure battery etc..

Missing the tone button but I'm sure another could be found and slider still functions as it should and can be operated with your finger as normal.

It's not a new item I bought this in the 70s so please don't expect it to be perfect and as new. It's not, it's glitchy full of quirks but fundamentally it's full of character and wonderful and the new owner will love it especially once it's had some contact spray and use.

Will be sorely missed but I don't use it as near as much as it wants to be used

Anything I've missed just drop me a line.

Collection or viewing welcome from a village just south of Cambridge.

Thank you for looking

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