NA549 Aquael UniFilter UV Internal Filter 750 New but Tatty



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Aquael Uni Filter 750 with UV - NEW BUT IN TATTY BOX (SHOP DISPLAY)

UV LEDs ensure proper water sterilisation

Two separate sponge filter cartridges

Two modes of water aeration; adjustable direction of outflow

Complete filtration

Includes filter media

For Freshwater aquariums

AQUAEL UNIFILTER UV is designed for the cleaning and aeration of aquarium water. Apart 

from efficient water filtration, the device sterilises water using ultraviolet LEDs. This 

prevents the growth of floating algae, protozoa and bacteria, which results in increased 

water clarity and a healthier environment for fish. UV LEDs can be switched on and off 

independently of the filter. UNIFILTER UV is easy to operate. Its performance can be 

adjusted by means of the dial formed by the rotor dome. The direction of water outflow can 

be changed by up to 90.

The larger models, UNIFILTER UV 500, 750 and 1000, are equipped with a ceramic rotor axis 

for even quieter operation and enhanced durability.

The specially designed filter media chamber prevents water from flowing out of the filter 

and into the fish tank during water changes or when the filter is removed from the 

aquarium e.g. in order to change the water or wash the sponge. To facilitate the 

maintenance of UNIFILTER UV, we provide two separate sponge cartridges, which can be 

removed and cleaned in turns. In this way, colonies of nitrifying bacteria, essential for 

nitrogen processes, are protected. In order to provide uninterrupted filtration, it is 

recommended that sponge filter cartridges should be cleaned in turns and independently of 

each other.

UNIFILTER 750 UV - 67mm x 112mm x 308mm - Suitable for 200L to 300L - 9.5W

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