NA206 Aquarium Heater EHEIM Jager Heaterstat 50w - New in



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EHEIM Submersible Aquarium Heater Thermostat  - New in tatty box 50w

Premium Quality Aquarium Heater Available in a Range of Sizes to Suit Every Tank.

EHEIM are an extremely popular much loved brand due to the quality of manufacture.

This range of aquarium heaters feature the following:

1. Automatic shut off control (thermo-safety) enables protection from running dry - heater will shut off when out of water

2. Rigid special laboratory glass, shatterproof

3. Precise temperature control - dial at the top of the heater (65-93F or 18-34C)

4. Simple and safe recalibration (+/- 2 degrees) with a comfort readjusting ring

5. Heating function is indicated by an on/off control light

6. Extra long cable of 1.7m (5'6")

7. Includes clamp with 2 suction cups

8. Chrome Nickel coil inside a shock resistant shatterproof glass tube

9. Made in Germany

TIP: Heaters are designed to be fully upright in the tank next to a good water flow, so ensure you select not only the right size heater for your tank capacity but also one which will physically fit inside your tank.


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