Marine Full Setup - My Entire Hobby



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Marine Full Setup - My Entire Hobby.

Aqua oak systemised 1500x500x500 tank stand lid and sump, totals about 600ltr 4 fish inc 2 clowns, filefish and chromis

Lots of soft coral inc the biggest mushroom ever ! See pics probly worth £200 alone. Pulsing Xenia, leather, mushroom colony, loads of Kenya Tree Coral. 100 kg at least of live rock.

Sump area to include skimmer, uv steriliser, media reactor currently ro phos, couple led lights

Full operating tank with all extras that I have accumulated over the last 5-6 years inc Ro filter, storage drums, 4x 25ltr bottles

2 big boxes of pipes, hoses, spares, odds and sods

Test kit, books, salt ...anything else fish related I can find will also be chucked in

I simply don’t have the time to give to this hobby that it deserves so I’m selling the lot

Collection only from Upton Dorset BH16 please bring plenty of muscle and a clear transit size van as this is very heavy. Be worth a couple of trips but I have enough plastic drums and boxes if you can do it in one. Not got enough to save all the water tho so bring some drums if you want to save it all !

Condition is "Used" approx 4 years matured

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