Mackie control universal pro emagic logic control XT upgrade



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These upgraded PWM driver chips have had their firmware fully re-written from scratch to optimise it for both fader responsiveness, and positional accuracy in all Mackie / Logic control surfaces & extenders uthat use Penny and Giles (P&G) faders and can be used as a drop in replacement for any PWM chips, e.g. PWM V1.00 and PWM V3.02. The PWM chips, along with the main MCU Pro microcontroller upgrade are fully compatible with the following control surfaces:

-     Mackie Control Universal Pro (MCU Pro) with P&G (Penny & Giles) faders
-     Mackie Control Extender Pro (XT Pro) with P&G (Penny & Giles) faders
-     Emagic Logic Control
-     Logic Control Extender (XT)
-     Mackie Control
-     Mackie Control Extender (XT)
-     Mackie Control Universal
-     Mackie Control Universal Extender (XT)
Please note that these chips do not support the Mackie Control Universal/Extender Pro with main firmware v4.x.x or higher which use ALPS faders. If in doubt as to which version you need, please contact me before purchasing, and I'm more than happy to assist!

Upgrading existing PWM chips for improved performance

Previous V1.00 and V3.02 PWM chips can cause faders to 'buzz' after moving to a set position, particularly noticeable as faders age, where the motorised faders never quite reach the correct position and the PWM driver keeps trying to move the fader with weak pulses creating a nuisance buzzing noise, shortening the life of the fader motor.  By optimising the pulse width generation logic, these V3.50 PWM chips drive the faders with optimal pulse lengths when the faders get close to their intended position, ensuring they reach it quickly and accurately and minimising fader 'buzz', eliminating entirely on well maintained and cleaned faders.

Fixing control surfaces where faders don't move

If you have a control surface where either faders 1-4 or 5-8 are not moving during calibration, this is a sure sign that one of your existing PWM chips has failed, and these chips can fix your control surface!

Note that each PWM chip supports 4 faders, with a pair controlling all eight channels (the main MCU chip controls the master fader). The attached internal photo shows which chip controls which set of 4 faders.  This can be further diagnosed by checking the LED beneath each PWM chip with the control surface switched on. if the LED doesn't light up, it will confirm the PWM chip has failed and needs replacement.

Available as either:

- 1x PWM V3.50 chip
- 2x PWM V3.50 chips
A complete Mackie control surface upgrade kit including:

2x PWM V3.50 chip

1x Mackie MCU Pro V3.0.0 microcontroller

As well as adressing all known bugs and bringing your P&G fader based Mackie control surface up-to-date, the V3.0.0 Mackie MCU Pro microcontroller firmware adds HUI mode support (for Avid Pro Tools) not present in v1.x.x firmwares.

Installation is straightforward, with instructions available (see above photos)

Item will be sent securely packaged.
Please feel free to ask any questions about this item.
Note that the control surface images are for illustration only and shows both a Mackie Control Extender PRO and an original Mackie Control upgraded using the complete upgrade chip option to add the latest v3.0.0 MCU Pro firmware capability

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