Lumicon LG1080 2" M48 Thread-in Focal Reducer



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Although being sold as used, this reducer is actually new open box stock

the box may show some signs of wear due to storage.

This focal reducer screws on to any 2" threaded tube. The focal length of the LG1080 is 200mm, and the focal reduction depends on the spacing between it and the field-stop of the eyepiece or camera capture plane. For example, to yield f/6 from an f/10 system, you need a reduction of 0.6, which requires a spacing of about 80mm

The Lumicon 2" Thread-In Focal Reducer is a diverse problem solver, widening the fields and reducing the exposure times wherever and however it is used.

On the front it has a 2" outer diameter, and on the rear it has 48mm male filter threads.  You can screw this in to the bottom of a 2" eyepiece just like a filter for a mild focal length reduction, but you can also screw this on to a 2" diagonal's filter threads for a more pronounced reduction.

For prime focus SLR imaging without an eyepiece in the optical path, thread this focal reducer in to Lumicon's LA1080 2" Male to T-Mount Male Adapter for a mild focal reduction, or to the #LC1025 2" Prime Focus Camera Adapter for the strongest focal reduction.

Fully multicoated 200mm focal-length achromatic lens

Can be used with Lumicon's 2" Newtonian/Refractor Easy Guider on refractors and longer focal-length Newtonians (>= f/10)

Threads into Lumicon's 2" Prime Focus Adapter (LC1025) for substantial photographic reduction

Threads into Lumicon's 2" Male to T-Thread Male Adapter (LA1080) for slight photographic reduction

Can be threaded as a filter to 2" eyepieces and diagonals

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