HP EliteBook 8740w notebook/laptop (17-inch, 12GB RAM, 120GB



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For sale here is my HP EliteBook 8740w laptop/notebook computer. It is quite old and has several dents and scratches, and some of the keys are worn. However, it works fine (with one exception, see details further down) and the screen is unmarked. The rubber knob on the trackpoint is missing but it still works. There is also a touchpad with 3 buttons.

This was sold as a mobile workstation back in the day, and the specs were suitably top-notch:

17 inch screen (16:10 aspect ratio, 1680x1050 resolution)

1st generation quad-core Intel Core i7-720QM processor at 1.60GHz with Hyper-Threading

Dedicated NVIDIA Quadro FX 2800M GPU



2 x USB2 ports

2 x USB3 ports

Display port

VGA port

eSATA port

Gigabit LAN and modem sockets

Firewire port

ExpressCard slot

SD memory card reader

802.11a/g/n dual-band WiFi


Fingerprint reader

It's built like a brick. Large and heavy, it's really a desktop replacement. The screen has decent contrast and viewing angles, and is a definitely better than the screens on budget laptops.

It has a licensed copy of Windows 10 Professional installed.

The 120GB SSD is just over a year old. Combined with the 12GB of RAM, apps load very quickly. Has no trouble running Windows 10.

If you need more space I can put the original 500GB hard drive back in but of course loading times will become a lot slower.

The only issue with this machine is that it runs hot and can overheat if pushed hard. So not recommended for gaming or other intensive tasks. It's perfectly fine for everyday computing, graphic design, desktop publishing, etc.

Due to its age and the heat issue, I've priced it accordingly at just £130 including delivery within mainland UK.

UK buyers only please.


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