Get Fit With Mel B (PS3) 1st Class Good Condition Video Game



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This listing is for Get Fit With Mel B (PS3) 1st Class Good Condition Video Games

The game is used, but comes boxed and in good condition. 

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Product Features

- Train side by side with Mel B and train in the game and see yourself on TV
- The training system works using a camera and video technology, and not just representing you graphically on screen
- There are 199 fitness and aerobic exercises, including, kickboxercise / pump and tone / advanced cardio / dance / cardio / step
- All exercises are developed in conjucntion with the leading worldwide gym chain, fitness first
- You can exercise on the ground, so doing sit ups / press ups is no problem
- It supports all technology: Microsoft Kinect / Playstation Move / Playstation Eye / Nintendo Wii Motion Plus
- There are a range of accessories available to support your fitness regime

- A comprehensive diet plan that caters for all dietary needs with 140 recipes to choose from
- Rewards – there is a comprehensive reward system that tracks your progress and rewards you as you go, kepeping you motivated and looking good!
- Track your progress through the website and receive automatic updates, fitness suggestions and new recipes and nutritional advice
- It is also supported by a mobile app, so you can track your progess whilst training outdoors!

Product Description

Manufacturer's Description
A comprehensive and energetic workout program made in collaboration with Mel B and Fitness First. Get Fit with Mel B represents the first title designed for the latest technologies, offering a brand new Fitness experience for home console. ITS THE ONLY FITNESS GAME THAT BRING THE PLAYER INSIDE THE GAME WITH A REAL PERSONAL TRAINER!

It features 199 exercises across 6 types of aerobic exercises: Kickboxercise / Pump and Tone / Advanced Cardio / Dance / Cardio / Step

On PS3, Get Fit with Mel B uses the PlayStation Move in combination with the PlayStation Eye to track the user’s movement, insert the user on screen and detect mistakes in the execution. This represents the bleeding edge of the optical technology on the Sony platform.

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