GAMING PC i5-7600K 3.8GHz 16GB RAM nVidia GTX1050Ti 4GB 256G



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For sale my previous bundle gaming PC tower.

The PC has been professionally refurbished, full professional de-dust of CPU cooler, GPU, PSU and Motherboard.This PC come in fully working order as seeing on the photos with activated genuine copy of Windows 10 Pro x64 bit. The PC is setup and ready to use for new user. This is a powerful mid-range Game PC which can run most of 2021 games thanks to its gaming mother board Gigabyte Z270, powerful CPU i5-7600K series and graphic card GTX 1050Ti EVGA series. This PC never being overclocked,however the motherboard, CPU and GPU are gaming type and allowing overclocking.Checkout YouTube for GTX1050Ti gameplay for more details.

This PC has been well look after and regularly maintained, the average life of well sized PC and maintain clean of dust is around 10 years so this PC has been used only 3 years and is currently well capable to run with very good performance for today’s tasks.

PC Configuration:

1. PC tower

2. Tower power lead

Please note the screen, keyboard and the mouse are not included in the price. They can be used for proving on pickup. Message me if you want the screen, keyboard and mouse included.

PC Specification:

1. Motherboard


b. Model: Z270X-Ultra Gaming

2. CPU

a. Make: Intel

b. Model: i5-7600K 3.8GHz

3. CPU Cooler

a. Make: Cooler Master

b. Model: Hyper 212 EVO

4. RAM

a. Make: CORSAIR

b. Type: 16GB, 2x8 3000Mhz

5. Graphic Card GPU

a. Make: EVGA

b. Type: GTX1050Ti 4GB

6. Storage 1 – Windows 10 Pro

a. Make: Toshiba

b. Type: M.2 SSD

c. Size: 256GB

7. Storage 2 – Data

a. Make: Toshiba

b. Type: HDD 2.5 inch

c. Size: 250GB

8. WiFi and Bluetooth PCIe Adapter

a. Make: TP-Link

b. Type: AX3000 Wi-Fi 6 Bluetooth5.0 PCIe Adapter

9. Power Supply Unit PSU

a. Make: Cooler Master

b. Type: MasterWatt Lite 600W

10. Tower Box

a. Make: CiT

b. Type: C1007MIDI

c. Features: USB 3.0, RGB Fan, RGB BOXLED, Tempered Glass, Excellent Cooling Capabilities

11. Accessories

a. Motherboard box

b. Windows 10 Pro License Package with license

c. Tower Box spare screws

d. Mother board paper manual

e. Motherboard discs with drivers

f. WiFi extended antenna adapter with magnetic attach

Please be aware of that, the price is not for making profit, so please don’t offer under.

Thank you for watching.

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