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New Fully Lined Jacquard Woven Tapestry Bell Pull / Wall Hanging With Brass Hanger & Tassle

Fleur de Lys, Red & Gold

Max. size  (including brass hanger & tassle): 127cm long x 21cm wide (50" x 8.25")

Tapestry size (approx.): 110cm long x 17cm wide (43.3" x 6.5")

See our shop for a selection of high quality tapestries in varying colours and sizes covering many themes

Perfect Quality Gift

Please remember that colours may vary from what you see on your screen due to different PC and monitor settings and slight variations in fabrics and dyes.  Sizing across some tapestry weaves may vary by up to 10% due to the release of tension and take up after releasing from looms when fully woven.  Woven sizes are not actual finished sizes as approximately up to a 1" border is generally required to be used when fully lining a tapestry panel.  Product supplied may vary slightly in appearance at edges due to picture cropping.

See our shop for other tapestries in stock and available for immediate delivery, including tapestry panels and pillows/cushions depicting various scenes and copies of famous works of art by Gustav Klimt, Alhponse Mucha, Leonardo Da Vinci, Monet, Breughel, Cluny, William Morris & Co, Lady and the Unicorn series, etc. including Mappemonde, A Mon Seul Desir, Unicorn in Captivity, Tree of Life, Templier/Templar Knight, Medieval jousting, Carcasonne, the Last Supper, Nautical Venice, Les Trois Ages, Fulfillment, King Arthur, Four Seasons, Medieval Lists, Renaissance artworks, Adele Bloche Bauer, Vendange, Milani, Apache warrior, Winter, Harvesters, the Jay.  We also regularly add other tapestries of varying sizes, scenes and styles to our shop so please remember to come back and check again, or contact us if you cannot find what you are looking for.

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