Crystal Maze Board Game 1991 MB Games Complete Vintage Time



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Crystal Maze Board Game 1991 MB Games Complete Vintage Time Travel 8yrs 2-4 Players

Very rare original game

Used but in great condition, checked and complete.

Box shows slight signs of wear on the corners and edges


The Crystal Maze is a board games based on the popular UK Channel 4 TV game show of the same name that ran from 1990 to 1995 and was hosted by Richard O'Brien (of Rocky Horror Show fame) Move around the board and battle through the challenges of the four time zones: futuristic, medieval, Aztec and industrial winning challenges to gain "time crystals" that buy you time and take you to the final challenge to win gold in the Crystal dome.


For 2-4 Players. Age 8 and upwards

Gameboard with 4 Stand-up Timezone Walls

1 Crystal Dome, and 1 Crystal Timepiece

Gold and Silver Tokens & 16 Time Crystals

8 Time Travel Challenges

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