Collection 91 Late Edwardian Era Photographs 1920s Intimate



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Collection 91 Late Edwardian Era Photographs 1920s Intimate Family Photos Album

A beautiful family photograph album, dating around the 1920s from a family in St Alban's, Hertfordshire.
Some very intimate and well shot historical photographs. Including
Night shots of a seaside pier.
Family visiting ruins pointing out to horizon with Peter's Chocolate dispenser on facing wall. Whilst a gentleman waits downstairs watching out to sea.
Gentlemen riding on a period open top car, being photographed from the car travelling with them.
Beautiful shots of sailing boats.
Intimate family portraits and seaside gatherings, picnics and weekend jaunts.

A very special album.

Owned by one St Alban's, Hertfordshire family and part of a large 8 volume collection of early 20th century postcards and photographs.

Normal mottling and aging to some of the photographs altogether in good condition for age.

Please ask if you'd like some further photographs of this lot.

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