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Used but in full working order.

It's a vintage classic so age related scuffs as shown in the photos.

Performance and functionality are not affected.

This is a really great piece of kit that’s very solidly built….to last.

Suitable for gigging and/or home use and it works brilliantly with a valve amp/combo

Unbelievable reliability and sound quality, unmatched by most of the present digital multi effects

Power supply attached

Does not come with a user manual but this is easy to download online

Collect in person from Exmouth, Devon or you can arrange your own courier for collection

(If collecting in person this unit can be seen working)

Effects include Compressor, Overdrive/Distortion, Equalizer, Chorus/Flanger, and Digital 


Up to 64 different effect “patches” can be programmed and stored in the ME-5’s memory.

A noise-suppressor function is built-in to make sure operation is always noise-free

MIDI In/Out jacks allow the ME-5 to be controlled by an external sequencer for performing automatic program changes, or to control external MIDI effects units. Effects Send and Return jacks are provided for connecting external effects which are not MIDI equipped.

The Manual mode enables you to control effects by assigning On/Off switching for each effect to the foot pedals.

Connecting the EV-10 expression pedal offers foot-controlled sound volume control.

The Tuner Out jack enables direct connection of a tuner, and a headphone jack is provided for practicing.

The use of an FS-5U footswitch allows you to switch between any of 4 Patch Groups, each with 76 patches, or to switch to the Manual mode.

All the high-quality features of the BOSS professional effect units were carried over into the ME-5, for example, the digital reverb/delay employs 16-bit processing 

This is what the online review says about this unit: 

The ME-5 effects chain starts with the Compressor, which is the CS-3 Compression Sustainer pedal which Boss substituted for the earlier CS-2. The only real difference in the pedals, other than the appearance/colour, was that the CS-3 incorporated a tone control, which is also present on the ME-5. The ME-5 Compressor also differs from the pedals in that its parameters have to be tailored on slightly larger incremental steps. On the pedal variants, you simply turn a knob for infinite variation between the minimum and maximum, whereas the ME-5's effects have to be selected via a number of 'steps'. As with all settings in the ME-5, you are able to save favoured settings.

Any compressor which is in keeping with the Boss CS-2 or CS-3 is of course a laudable effect. The ME-5's Compressor pushes up well into the territory of country-style 'popping', but always operates musically - is brilliant at clean funk too.

The Overdrive/Distortion is in fact three separate 'BOSS Pedals', and are all selectable via the buttons on the top panel. Each has a very different character.

The first (No. 1, Overdrive) is subtle, ranging from basically clean up to obviously overdriven but never obscuring the character of the guitar. It does colour the clean sound with a 'Valvey'/Tube boost in the mids. However, use of the onboard EQ can reduce the extra mids effect to suit to match with your amp's characteristics.

The second (No. 2, Overdrive) offers much greater saturation and can perhaps best be described as a '70s heavy rock' sound when pushed to its max. Is more of a distortion than an overdrive but it is a natural-sounding and versatile distortion.

The third (No. 3, Distortion) offers a more raging drive. It's not a typical natural distortion - and is musical, but the envelope on attack is rather synthetic and there's a fizzy-ish top end which is best removed by taking down the treble a little on the Equalizer. It's definitely distortion rather than 'fuzz', but it has a character in the midrange whi

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