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New item in great condition, Damaged box.

A stunning reimagined Atari ‘Retro’ Handheld with 50 built-in games and TV output! 


Featuring a spectacular collection of classic titles including Asteroids, Adventure, Breakout, Centipede, Missile Command, Millipede, Pong, Sword Quest and many more! 

- Reimagined design with immortalised "woody" effect, based on the Atari 2600
- 50 built-in games
- 2.4" screen
- A/V Output
- Responsive Buttons
- AAA batteries required (not included)

User Tip:

To exit a game and return to the main menu - simply hit Start + Select at the same time.  

Full list of Atari games included (all meticulously archived from the original game ROM files) below:

1. 3D Tic-Tac-Toe (31 in 1)
2. Adventure
3. Air-Sea Battle
4. Asteroids ®
5. Black Jack
6. Bowling
7. Breakout ®
8. Canyon Bomber ®
9. Casino
10. Centipede ®
11. Circus Atari ®
12. Crystal Castles ®
13. Demons to Diamonds ™
14. Desert Falcon ®
15. Dodge 'em
16. Double Dunk
17. Fun With Numbers
18. Golf
19. Gravitar ®
20. Haunted House ®
21. Home Run
22. Human Cannonball ™
23. Maze Craze
24. Millipede ®
25. Miniature Golf ®
26. Missile Command ®
27. Night Driver ™
28. Off the Wall
29. Pong - Video Olympics
30. Quadrun ™
31. Radar Lock ™
32. Realsports Football ®
33. Realsports Tennis ®
34. Realsports Volleyball ®
35. Sprintmaster
36. Steeplechase
37. Stellar Track ™
38. Street Racer
39. Submarine Commander
40. Super Baseball
41. Super Breakout ®
42. Super Football
43. Swordquest: Earthworld ™
44. Swordquest: Fireworld ™
45. Swordquest: Waterworld ™
46. Tempest ®
47. Video Checkers
48. Video Chess
49. Video Pinball
50. Yar's Revenge ®

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