Antique Vintage Mantel Carriage Clocks Restoration Projects



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Ashby St. Ledgers

125) Plain Case Brass Carriage Clock not working 4 ½”


Replacement key fitting clock provided. Not in working order. Not boxed. Unwilling to take apart so visual description given. Genuine untouched. Cursory touch clean. Roman numerals on white background. No visible makers name or marks – presume mass produced for the market demand. Plain case carriage clock. Carrying quality handle. Bevelled thick glass on all sides except base. No repeat button. No serial number visible. No signature visible. Black numerals and hands. Dimensions: 4 ½” x 3” x 2 ¼”

Weight: 900g

SKU GJB955 125

126) Antique Light Mahogany and Oak Wood Case Tunbridge Ware Barrel Mantel Clock

Non chiming. No alarm. Manufacturer Maker unknown – not visible. Wind up from behind moveable back plate. Light Mahogany Wooden barrel shape sitting proudly upon balanced curved stand to the Oak base Tunbridge ware wood decoration. Lovely working clock – comforting tick – No 10 brass made in England key only fits the wind up element. No. 6 double ended key fits. Short of space this is a lovely example. Black Hands and Roman Numerals on white. Thick bevelled glass with brass surround. May require a clean but keeps time. Maker of clock movement unknown. What came first: the wooden surround or the clock! Would not place on mantel shelf above a used fireplace. Condition: small crack in wood as seen in photographs. Small corner chip and a few nibbles as expected from natural product and age. Felt covered bottom button feet.

Height: 6 ¾” Length: 9” Width: 3”

SKU GJB955 126

130) SMITHS Made in Great Britain 1950s Chiming Wooden Cased Mantel Shelf Clock

SMITHS MADE IN GREAT BRITAIN by Smiths Clocks and Watches Ltd. Height: 7” Width: 3 ½” Numbered F78 71. Heavy weighted pendulum. Strong spring wire with hammer chime. Nicely made and typical of era. Does not want to start – may have at one time been ‘over wound’ or seized up! Requires key (size 6 fits). Dome shaped veneered. Externally sound and commensurate with age.

Height: 7” Width 3 ½”

OSLO sticker on back (please see photographs) Oslo I believe are/were the retailers.

Weight: 1.8 kg without packaging.

SKU GJB955 130

131) SMITHS Made in Great Britain Presentation Dark Wood Mantel Clock

Dome Mantel Shelf Clock – Dark Wood Veneer – Brass Hands – Silvered Numbers – White Chapter – veneer centre. 1930s – 1950s. ‘Presented To F. Kayes By His Colleagues Of The Pattern Shop A. H. Ltd. On The Occasion Of His Retirement. May 4th 1956. Nice hourly peal -  adjacent to hinge on opening convex glass is a switch SILENT/CHIME operation – hourly chime out of sync. Chiming 5 times for example when hands are on 10.00. Quarterly chime! 6 chimes when hands on 11.00 &c. SMITHS KEY – S<->F Pendulum – This clock is not working – requires attention. Large Heavy 

Height: 10” Width 5” Length 10”. 

Westminster chiming.

SKU GJB955 131

132) Antique Victorian Drum Head  Belgium Black MARBLE MANTEL CLOCK 

Black Belgium marble with contrasting insets of multi-coloured marble. The quality is evident by the scrolls etc. The dial is plain white enamel, two winding apertures, black Roman numerals, black hands. S/F Top of Dial. Through thick glass can be seen the brass back plate with the number 19350. It takes a number 8 key – original key is with the clock. One chime every half hour hammer to bell. Chimes on hour. No visible makers name on movement. Glass case rusted stiff to open so not attempting. Quiet tick no pendulum. Similar to those produced by Japy Freres et Cie examples. 

Condition: no working, please see photographs for broken element at the reverse (possibly only needs gluing back into position with specialist marble glue (I will attempt a repair with the specialist epoxy resin). One irreparable chip please see photographs. 

Dimensions: Height: 12” Length: 21” Depth: 6 ½”


SKU GJB955 132

133) Antique Wooden Mahoga

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