A Tune A Day For French Horn Book 1 by Paul C. Herfurth, Ver



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"A Tune a Day for the French Horn (F and Bb) and Tenor Horn (Eb). Book One" by C. Paul Herfurth and Vernon R. Miller, published by the Boston Music Company in 2008, 49pp, ISBN 0711915695

Condition Notes: Good condition with some slight rubbing to the cover edges and a little creasing to the cover corners and to some of the internal pages. There's a small black ink stain on the very edge of the bottom of the book (this has not caused any loss of text or readability). We think that there have been some occasional pencil marks in the book alongside the music because we can see the faint impressions of pencil writing. This book is in very decent condition with plenty of life ahead


Rudiments of Music

Care of the Instrument

Foreword to Students: Physical Preparation

Method of Holding the French



Table of Harmonics for French Horn

Reference Fingering Chart for French Horn

Reference Fingering Chart for Bb Horn

Reference Fingering Chart for Eb Horn (Tenor)

A Tune a Day Lesson 1

Lesson 1a: Minims and Crotchets

Lesson 2, 2a and 2b

Lesson 3-8

Supplementary Material for Lessons 1-8 (Twinkle Twinkle Little Star; The Boat Song; Melody; French Folk Song)

Test Questions on Lessons 1-8

Lesson 9-12

Lesson 13 (Rhythm Drills)

Lessons 14-21 (and Supplementary Material for Lessons 17-21)

Lessons 22-32

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