2 Set OD 48mm Luggage Suitcase Replacement Solid Wheels Repa



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100% Brand New and High Quality
This paragraph trolley case luggage leather luggage mute damping wheels.
Wheels wear muted flexible, easy accessibility.
Quietness and flexibility are perfectly safe to use buyers.

Bearing ID: 6mm

Material: Rubber+Metal
Color: Black
Quantity: 2 Sets(2 Wheels,4 Washers,2 Wrenches)
Net Weight: 70g

Buyers need to measure the following data to know what size you are suitable with wheels
1.Measuring the original outer diameter wheels (wheel size).
2.Measuring the inside of the wheel groove width (width of the total installed width).
3.Measuring the length of wheel rivet screw(excluding nuts at both ends)
4.Measured the wheel rivet screw diameter and pipe thickness (ie bearing bore width)
Note: Lighting, display and other factors may cause COLOR SHADING, please comprehensive pictures and text descriptions to determine!

Package Includes               
2 Set x Suitcase Repair Kits

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