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Temp - Sub Zero up to the high 20+°Celcius but thrive in cool water around 0 - 8°C. I keep mine at approx24°C. If you would like pond Asellus please request them as I also have those that have and are living outdoors all year round and seasonally.

Asellus are scavengers and adventurers and generally at humans/homosapiens have a friendly attitude. Very communicative. Fairly hardy although they dislike ammonia as their shell becomes covered with a fluffy down. They prefer a low level of alkalinity (pH8) enough acid to soften their shell for molting while enough calcium and minerals to build the new. They eat fallen fish food, bactr etc and enjoy leaf litter and loose mulmy substrate plus plants and logs to play around perticulatly enjoying mossess and blanket weed which they lie within. They can breed prolifically if they like their master. Legend has it you can also race them.

Asellus can be fed to larger fish. If you have smaller fish the younger Asellus will serve as food once the adults have bred.

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